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What to Know Before a Trip to Cellular Jail in Port Blair

Summer vacations are around the corner and people take the opportunity to visit hill stations or coastal areas. Lately, Andaman Islands have emerged as a favourite tourist destination in India. If you are planning to escape from the sweltering Delhi summer, Andaman can be your ideal hideout. You can book a Delhi to Port Blair flight and explore the wonders of the majestic island chain.

Andaman – The Dream Island

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 small, scattered islands that make up the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago. The Union territory is sandwiched between India, Myanmar and Thailand. These sparsely populated islands have emerged as an Elysium for holidaymakers who are drawn to its beauty. For tourists, the cerulean water and pristine beaches create a breath-taking, hypnotic visual.

The place is not only popular among tourists for its near desolate beaches, geographical features, underground landscapes, onshore and offshore activities but also one of the historically significant landmarks of the Indian Freedom struggle, the Cellular Jail. The Union territory is well connected to all major cities of India, you can catch a Chennai to Port Blair flight and reach conveniently.

Cellular Jail – An Epitome of Sacrifice

The iconic landmark was used by colonialists to exile and execute Indians. The British incarcerated approximately 80,000 Indian revolutionaries in Cellular jail. The place stands as a silent witness to the atrocities committed against Indians during the freedom movement and its testimony is carved in the pages of history. Today it attracts explorers and history buffs from across the globe who are fascinated by the tales of valour and sacrifice.

How to Reach the Cellular Jail?

Cellular jail is located in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Island. You can take a direct Delhi to Port Blair flight and reach the city. From the airport, there are different modes of transportation available to reach your destination.

Best Time to Visit

The island is blessed with a tropical climate that is pleasant round the year, however, it is advisable to avoid the monsoon that starts in June and continues till November. You can also book a return Port Blair to Delhi flight with ease.

National Memorial

Cellular jail is bestowed with the honour of the National memorial. A tourist can enter by paying for a jail ID. There are three main attractions in the jail for tourists, these are:

Jail Museum: The museum displays the prison life and challenges faced by prisoners during their incarceration. It also shows the struggles of freedom fighters through photos and exhibitions.

Light and Sound Show: The Jail authorities organise a light and sound show in honour of the valiant martyrs. Through this show, the heart-wrenching tales of prisoners is depicted.

The Everlasting Flame

In memory of martyrs who made supreme sacrifices for the nation’s freedom, an eternal flame is erected in the jail.

Aside from the historical significance of the Andaman Islands, tourists flock to the area to explore the pristine beaches, underwater plateau, coral reefs, and vivacious marine animals. Due to improved connectivity, a tourist can book a return Port Blair to Chennai flight.

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