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Bali: Your Ultimate Getaway This Summer

Bali will be the perfect island destinations for those of you who wish to explore a fine island this summer. Plan the itinerary and book the Bali luxury villa rentals from Secret Retreats before the rooms are all booked. Though densely populated, Bali entices international tourists for its verdant nature and the lack of skyscrapers and high rises. The island destination of Indonesia doesn’t allow the so called urbanity into their culture.

Locals mainly live on farming and fishing. Whether visiting the island for family vacationing or honeymooning, tourists are allured by the spectacular scenic beauty and serenity of Bali. The wonderful harmony maintained by the locals. You’ll also be astonished by the culture of the locals whether Muslims, Buddhists or Christians along with the mouth-smacking Indonesian cuisine.

To know more, explore the reasons for choosing Bali as your ultimate summer getaway

The beaches

The beaches of Bali are simply breathtaking. Witness the spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset from the beach. Throughout the day enjoy the heavenly sound of the waves kissing the yellow beaches. Enjoy the amazing water activities Bali beaches offer. Starting from scuba diving to swimming and canoeing, you and your adventurous partner will surely be excited spending every single day in Bali. The sack bars and eateries by the beach serve beer and amazing Indonesian and international platters at pocket-friendly rates. Semiyak, Balangan, Echo, Sunday’s Beach Club, White Sand etc are some of the most fascinating beaches of Bali.

The amazing weather

If you wish to experience a perfect tropical summer vacation then Bali is your ultimate getaway. Experience the perfect tropical climate offering 13-14 hours of daylight and ample facilities to enjoy even a two-day trip in the exotic South East Asian beach destination. Don’t forget to get your sunscreen lotion as you must be getting a tan by staying in the sun for several days.

The countless temples

The mystical temples surrounding the island are ancient Buddhist architectures whispering the tales of the intriguing past. You must have seen the pictures at the Discovery Chanel of Nat Geo. Visiting the temples from the highland peaks to the limestone cliffs will drag your attention.

To conclude, you can showcase your photographic skills as Bali has the incredible natural lights and locations to capture the finest shots. The hotels and resorts of Bali offer amazing packages and never forget to experience the spa therapies whenever you’re in Bali.

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