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7 Great Gifts For Watersport Enthusiasts

There are some people that feel at home in the water, those that plan their days by the tide and constantly seek out new lakes and shores to explore. Many of the same group also enjoy watersports, from surfing and paddleboarding to swimming and scuba diving, and will spend much of their time and energy in the pursuit of the exciting adventure they offer.

If this sounds like someone you know, then you might find yourself needing to find them a gift during certain times of the year, wanting to give them something that is both going to be enjoyed and frequently used, a challenge that can be difficult from an outsider’s perspective. Today, however, we’re here to help and we have seven great gift ideas for watersport enthusiasts.

Anti-Fog Goggles

For wild swimmers, goggles are often an essential accessory, ensuring that their visibility remains clear in all waters. Fogging, however, can be a problem and even some high-quality goggles can end up fogging being used out at sea. Now, a number of goggles are being produced with anti-fog qualities, ensuring that water doesn’t collect on the surface and that the goggles remain clear.

Changing Robe

Those who enjoy the water will certainly want a changing robe to enjoy. Popular for their comfort, these garments have become popular among surfers and swimmers alike, bringing a number of benefits. Their design allows for individuals to dry off and warm up quickly after being in the water, as well as giving them a spacious and private robe within which to change out of their wet clothing.

Fin Puller

When surfers and paddleboarders get to a certain level of experience, they will often begin to customise their boards, giving greater consideration to the subtle advantages certain changes can make. At this time, a fin puller can be a great advantage, allowing for boarders to safely and easily remove their fins as necessary.

Sports Camera

A high-quality and robust camera, such as a Go-Pro, can be an amazing gift for watersports enthusiasts, allowing them to record their adventures, create stunning footage, and even track their competitive performance with ease.

Gloves & Booties

Wetsuits aren’t always equipped with feet and hand coverings, with watersports enthusiasts expected to choose their own. Made from the same material, neoprene, gloves and booties are useful accessories, helping individuals to keep themselves warm and maintain grip in their hands and feet, which is especially useful during cold weather.

Tow Float

While this accessory is largely for safety, it is an important one, and if you know someone who swims out to sea, then this is an ideal gift. Tow floats attach to the body and ensure that swimmers remain both visible and afloat when away from the shore, which can also be useful for when they might need a quick break.

Board Wax

There are a number of board wax varieties available, with some being made in small batches by enthusiastic local producers. If you are looking to get something particularly special for a surfer, then consider shopping around for an interesting product, a board wax made with sustainable materials that will also give boarders better traction on the water.

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